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Once the best-known, most popular superhero alive, Bob Parr is now fifteen years older and is bolder and heavier. As a claims adjuster at possibly the world's worst insurance company, Insuricare, the former Mr. Incredible's heroics are limited to helping people navigate the intricacies of the appeals system. Bob's unhappiness has taken a toll and he and his family have become disconnected. Bob thinks the best years of his life are in the past, but what he will discover is that his family is his greatest adventure.

Helen Parr, the former super-stretching superhero, has adjusted to normal life quite well, and is busily focused on caring for her three children. While she occasionally uses her amazing ability to stretch to meet the daily challenges of modern motherhood, she is careful to do so only behind the closed doors of their suburban home. She misses the old days, but doesn't dwell on those times as she has a wonderful family and is quite happy to spend her time with them. She only wishes Bob would do the same

At age ten, Dash seems to be moving even when standing still. Fill of restless energy, he has the power of super-speed- a power so useful for playing pranks that he has difficulty keeping it in check. Unable the resist torturing his least favorite teacher, Dash has been called into the Principal's office more than once, but he's never been caught. Dash doesn't understand why superheroes should hide their powers - why would they have them if they weren't supposed to use them?

Violet Parr is in many ways, a typical shy, insecure teenage girl stuck at the crossroads between child and women. She, like her parents, has special power, and it seems only right that hers allow her to turn invisible and protect herself with a secure force field. For what would be better for an awkward young women but to be able to disappear from her problems at a moment's notice? Especially for someone who desperately wants to be like everyone else, normal but truly isn't.

Syndrome wasn't born with the superpowers, but envied the attention and admiration the Supers received. Of all the Supers, Mr. Incredible embodied everything Syndrome desired: strength, fame, and popularity. Highly intelligent and cunning, Syndrome now spends his days on a remote island on the other side if the world inventing gadgets and robots to carry out a diabolical plot.

Brilliant and successful, Edna Mode got her start in the industry as the world's leading superhero costume designer. With her now-mature sense of design, she remains the top designer in the field, taking her clothing designs to Milan, Paris and other internationally important fashion centers. However. E longs for the return of the superheroes, for a real design challenge, so she can fuse the latest technology with her impeccable fashion sense and unfurl her Incredibles creations for the adoring public.




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